Wanted: Stakeholder analysis and engagement interns

WWF-NL is looking for Stakeholder analysis and engagement interns for Living European Rivers!

Stakeholder analysis and engagement intern

Zeist 32-40 hours HBO/UNIV € 270

Do you want to work with inspired colleagues to protect nature worldwide? Do you wish to help build the growing movement of partners who contribute to this goal in various ways? That is what you do when you work at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

WWF-NL is looking for Stakeholder analysis and engagement interns to start early 2022, for a period of at least 5 months.


Background of WWF: the host organization for this research

WWF is an international organization for the protection of nature with the mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The organization has independent offices in around 100 countries in the world forming a global network. There is a common worldwide strategy that focuses on the conservation of the biodiversity on the planet and the reduction of the global footprint to a level that is within the limits of the earth. WWF looks for solutions in cooperation with governments, companies and civil society to realize protection of species and their habitats and a sustainable use of environmental resources.


The internship: background and activities

Within the framework of a large European program to implement Nature Based Solutions for freshwater management in Europe, WWF is looking for enthusiastic and ambitious interns to help mapping and reaching out to relevant stakeholders. The internship provides an opportunity to participate in a large EU funded Horizon program on nature restoration.

The program involves the implementation of multiple nature restoration case studies in Europe. For these case studies the following sectors will be key for the successful implementation of the case studies: water supply, agriculture, navigation and the insurance sector.
Examples of questions to address: How can agriculture and nature restoration of floodplains be combined? What are the benefits of nature restoration for the insurance sector? Can river restoration and inland navigation go hand in hand?

Your work will include:

  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Policy analyses
  • Organizing sectoral round tables
  • Drafting policy recommendations which favor engagement by respective sectors
  • Drafting value chain proposals for sectors to enhance investments in Nature based Solutions


  • Literature review
  • Interview experts (busines as well as University) building business cases
  • Develop projects
  • Evaluate techniques
  • Cooperate in a team and work with external experts


Who are we looking for?

  • You're a bachelor or master student in environmental sciences / water management / social sciences / environmental economics, or a related program
  • You have good writing and interviewing skills
  • You have good organizational skills


What do we offer?

An engaging, educational intership in a cooperative team. You will receive an allowance of €270,- per month on a full-time basis. WWF is a professional and dynamic organisation with an informal character. For general information or questions, contact your supervisor Natascha Zwaal (nzwaal@wwf.nl).

Interested in becoming a Stakeholder analysis and engagement intern? Please send your CV and motivation letter to Merijn Hougee (mhougee@wwf.nl), Eva Hernandez Herrero (ehernandez@wwf.es) and to Natascha Zwaal, before December 21