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Research internship

WWF-NL is looking for research intern to research if community-based fisheries regulations can save river dolphins from extinction starting immediately

Research intern - Community-based fisheries regulations & river dolphins

Zeist Full time Master student € 270

WWF-NL is looking for research intern (starting immediately) to research community-based fisheries and river dolphins. 

The research: How community-based fisheries regulations can save river dolphins from extinction

WWF has a global river dolphin rivers initiative (RDRI), that is active in 13 countries in Asia and South America. The coordinator of this global program is based in the Netherlands.

All six river dolphin species in the world are classified by IUCN as Endangered or Critically Endangered mostly because of overfishing and bycatch. By working together with the fishers, we believe we can create a future in which river dolphins and fishers live in harmony, both doing well.

Community-regulated fisheries tackle a shared threat between dolphin conservation and human welfare, putting the riverine communities at the core of the solution. By monitoring their fish catch over time, sharing this information and analyzing it, the communities agree between themselves on the quota per species, the fishing methods to be applied and the fishing periods, assuring a minimum fish size (only mature fishes reproduce), fish spawning, and migration. Although these agreements are always tailor-made, NGO’s and academia/fish experts can support the process, a.o. by establishing creating learning between communities.

The research will be based on literature research, document review, expert interviews and aggregating data on community-based inland fishery agreements in the eight river dolphin rivers, identifying Best Practices. Eventually creating an overview per RDRI country of ongoing activities, including by WWF, identifying gaps and scaling opportunities.

Candidate requirements

We are looking for a master student from a Dutch University, e.g. biology of social sciences with a good sense of logic, feeling comfortable working in an independent way, interviewing experts around the world and able to digest, summarize and analyze large amount of information. English is a must; Spanish a nice-to have.


Information and questions: contact your supervisor or Natascha Zwaal

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Natascha Zwaal and Daphne Willems,